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9/17 Anne Bancroff 1931 F-The Miracle Worker, H- Mel Brooks; F-Lipstick, Graduate+
9/17 Paul Benedict 1938 TV-Jeffersons (Harry Bentley)
9/17 George Blanda 1927 Ex-Football Scored 2002 Points
9/17 Jerry Colonna 1904 Comic (Radio W/Bob Hope); F-Andy Hardy Comes Home, Atlantic City+
9/17 Dolores Costello 1905 Died-1979; Moby Dick (Lead); Sea Beast, Little Lord Fauntleroy+
9/17 Patricia Crowley 1933 TV-Please Don't Eat The Daises (Star-Joan Nash), Joe Forrester
9/17 Dorothy Loudon 1933 Stage-Annie(Tony Award)
9/17 Roddy Mc Dowall 1928 F-Planet Of The Ape Movies; Child Star In-Lassie Come Home/How Green
9/17 Lamonte Mc Lemore 1940 "5th Dimension-""Aquarius"", ""Up, Up & Away"" (Balloon)"
9/17 Esther Ralston 1902 """The American Venus"" Of Silent Films; F-Peter Pan (Mrs Darling),"
9/17 John Ritter 1948 TV-3's Company;Dad Is Tex Ritter.
9/17 Thomas Stafford 1930 2 Gemini,Apollo 10 Space Trips
9/17 Helen Vinson 1907 F-The Thin Man Goes Home, Reunion, In Name Only+

9/18 Eddie Anderson 1905 Died-1977; Rochester On TV's Jack Benny Show, F-Mad Mad Mad World+
9/18 Frankie Avalon 1939 Beach Party Films-Singer ; 8 Children;F-Grease, Fireball 500+
9/18 Robert Blake 1933 TV-Baretta; F-Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, In Cold Blood, Pt 109+
9/18 Rossano Brazzi 1916 Italian Actor; TV-The Survivors (Antaeus Riakos)
9/18 Fay Compton 1894 Died-1978; TV-(Aunt) Forsyte Saga; F-Nicholas Nickleby++
9/18 Greta Garbo 1905 F-Flesh & The Devil, Love, Special Oscar For Unforgetable Screen
9/18 Phyllis Kirk 1929 TV-Thin Man (Nora Charles); F-Sad Sack, Iron Mistress+
9/18 Jimmie Rodgers 1933 "Singer-""Homeycomb"", ""Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"", ""Waltzing Matilda""
9/18 Jack Warden 1920 Oscar-Shampoo/Heaven Can Wait; F-Beyond The Poseidon Adventure, And

9/19 Brook Benton 1931 "Singer/Writer; 18 Gold Records, ""Rainy Night In Georgia"", ""Walk On The"
9/19 Ray Danton 1931 W-Julie Adams; F-Longest Day; TV-The Alaskans (Nifty Cronin)
9/19 Frances Farmer 1913 Died-1970;Bdy-(Lead) Golden Boy; Autobiography-Will There Really Be A
9/19 Jeremy Irons 1948
9/19 Margaret Lindsay 1910 Born-Dubuque, Ia; Died-1981; Leading Lady Of 30-40's; Played Female
9/19 Nick Massi 1935 "Singer-Four Seasons ""Sherry"", ""Big Girls Don't Cry"", ""Candy Girl""
9/19 David Mc Callum 1933 TV-Man From Uncle (Illya Kuryakin);1st Wife Was Jill Ireland;
9/19 Joseph Pastemak 1901 Producer-Courtship Of Eddie's Father, Where The Boys Are+
9/19 Freda Payne 1945 "Singer-""Band Of Gold"" '70 (Top 10); ""Cherish What Is Dear To You""
9/19 Twiggy 1949 (Lestie Hornby); 5'6 - 92 Lbs
9/19 Adam West 1928 TV-Batman (Star); Detectives (Co-Star); F-Hooper, The Girl Who Knew
9/19 Paul Williams 1940 Born Omaha; Singer-We've Only Just Begun, You & Me Against The World

9/20 Pearl Butler 0 County/Western Singer
9/20 Patricia Collinge 1894 Died-1974; S-The Little Foxes; F-Nun's Story, Washington Story+
9/20 Walter Kingsford 1882 Died-1958; TV-Dr. Kildare (Played Hospital Chief- Dr. Carew)
9/20 Sophia Loren 1934 Born-Rome; F-Boy On A Dolphin,Two Women,
9/20 Anne Meara 1929 TV-All In The Family (Veronica Rooney), The Corner Bar (Mae), Kate
9/20 Kenneth More 1914 Died-1982; TV-Forsyte Saga (Bbc); F-Doctor In The House, Sheriff Of

9/21 Dawn Addams 1930 B-Eng.; The Robe, Moon Is Blue+
9/21 Rand Brooks 1918 F-Gone W/The Wind(1st Husband Scarlett O'hara), Lady Scarface+
9/21 Artis Gilmore 1949 Sports?
9/21 Larry Hagman 1939 TV-Dallas, I Dream Of Jeannie
9/21 Hamilton Jordan 1944 Politician
9/21 Dickey Lee 1940 "C/W Singer-""Patches"", ""Laurie"", ""The Girl From Peyton Place""
9/21 Bill Murray 1950 Comic; TV-Sat. Night Live
9/21 Gale Russell 1924 Died-1961; F-Night Has A 1,000 Eyes, The Unseen+
9/21 H.G. Wells 1866 Dead--Sci Fi Writter

9/22 Katherine Alexander 1901 Broadway Actress, F-Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Kiss & Tell+
9/22 Scott Baio 1961 TV-Happy Days (Chachi) (Charles Arcola)
9/22 Debby Boone 1956 "Singer- ""You Light Up My Life"", TV-The Big Show (Several Appearances)"
9/22 Leroy Hollmes 1913 "Musical Conductor At Mgm; ""The High & The Mighty""
9/22 John Houseman 1902 B-Bucharest; Oscar-Paper Chase (Professor Charles W. Kingsfield)
9/22 Toni James 1930 "Singer-#1 ""Why Don't You Believe Me"", ""Your Cheatin' Heart""+"
9/22 Allan Lane 1904 "Also Called ""Rocky Lane""; Voice Of TV's Mr. Ed; 100+ Films Mostly"
9/22 Paul Muni 1895 Died-1967; Nom. Oscar-I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang; F-Scarface,
9/22 Martha Scott 1914 Nom. Oscar-Our Town; F-Ben Hur,Airport '75+

9/23 Colin Blakely 1930 "F-Big Sleep, Equus, (Dr Watson)""Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes""
9/23 Ray Charles 1930 "Singer-10 Grammys; ""I've Got A Woman"", ""Ruby"", ""Yesterday"", ""Cry""
9/23 Stanley Kramer 1913 Producer/Director; Mad Mad World, On The Beach, Guess Who's Coming To
9/23 Paul Peterson 1945 "Started As Mouseketeer; TV-Donna Reed Show (Son); Singer-""My Dad""
9/23 Walter Pidgeon 1897 Died 9/84; F-Man Hunt, How Green Was My Valley, 2 Minute Warning+++
9/23 Mickey Rooney 1920 "F-15 Andy Hardy Films, F-Boy's Town; Made His Broadway Debut In ""Sugar"
9/23 Romy Schneider 1938 Died-1982 F-What's New Pussycat?++
9/23 Bruce Springsteen 1949 """Boss"" Rock; Albums-Nebraska, The River, Born To Run+"

9/24 Billy Bletcher 1894 F-Wizard Of Oz (Munchkin), Hello Dolly, Patsy, The Chase+
9/24 Mean Joe Greene 1946 Football
9/24 Jim Henson 1931 TV-Muppets
9/24 Cornell Mac Neil 1922
9/24 Sheila Mac Rae 1924 TV-The Honeymooners (Alice Kramden),Jackie Gleason Show
9/24 Jim Mc Kay 1921 Abc's-Wide World Of Sports Mc
9/24 Anthony Newley 1931 "Child Star- In 40's; Co-Authored ""Stop The World I Want To Get Off"";"
9/24 John Young 1930 Gemini 3,10-Apollo 10

9/25 Cathy Burns 1945 Nom. Oscar-Last Summer, Red Sky At Morning, Me Natalie
9/25 Michael Douglas 1944 TV-Streets Of San Francisco; (Son Of Kirk Douglas); 5 Oscars F-China
9/25 Mark Hamill 1952 F-Star Wars (Luke Skywalker); Regular TV's-General Hospital
9/25 Royce Kendall 1934 C/W Singer
9/25 Mimi Kennedy 1949 TV-The Big Show, Stockard Channing In Just Friends (Victoria), 3 Girls
9/25 Heather Locklear TV-Dynasty (Sammy Jo Dean), T.J. Hooker (Officer Stacy Sheridan)
9/25 Juliet Prowse 1936 Dancer/Entertainer; F-Second Time Around, Run For Your Wife+
9/25 Aldo Ray 1926 F-God's Little Acre, What Did You Do In The War Daddy?, Naked & The
9/25 Christopher Reeve 1952 F-Superman
9/25 Robert Waldon 1943
9/25 Barbara Walters 1931 TV News Specials
9/25 Anson Williams 1951 "TV-Happy Days Or (1949) (Warren ""Potsie"" Weber)"

9/26 Lucius Allen 1947 Football
9/26 Melissa Sue Anderson 1962 TV-Little House On Prairie
9/26 Lynn Anderson 1947 "Singer-""I Never Promised You A Rose Garden"", ""Top Of The World""
9/26 Barbara Britton 1919 Died-1980; TV-Mr & Mrs North, F-I Shot Jesse James, Captain Kidd+
9/26 Edmund Gwenn 1875 Died-1959; Oscar-Miracle On 34th Street (Santa Claus); (Star)-Mr. 880
9/26 Fay Holden 1895 "Died-1973; Played Mickey Rooney's Mother In ""Andy Hardy"" Films"
9/26 Julie London 1926 TV-Emergency;Ex/H-Jack Webb; F-George Raft Story, The Girl Can't Help
9/26 Kent Mc Cord 1942 TV-Adam 12 (Officer Jim Reed).
9/26 Olivia Newton-John 1947 "Singer/Actor F-Grease; ""Have You Never Been Mellow?"", ""If You Love Me""
9/26 Patrick O'Neal 1927 F-Kremlin Letter, King Rat, Stepford Wives, The Way We Were+
9/26 George Raft 1895 Died-1980; F-Scarface; TV-I Am The Law;
9/26 Robert Ray 1928 Ex-Iowa Gov.
9/26 Marty Robbins 1925 "Died-1982 C/W Singer; ""Singing The Blues"", ""El Paso"", ""I Walk Alone"","

9/27 Ed Burns 1892 F-Silent Films+; She Goes To War, Poor Girls+
9/27 Shaun Cassidy 1959 TV-Breaking Away (Dave Stohler-Star), Hardy Boys (Star-Joe Hardy)
9/27 William Conrad 1920 TV-Cannon; Radio-Gunskoke;F-East Side-West Side, Naked Jungle+
9/27 Sam Ervin 1896 Died-1985
9/27 Jayne Meadows 1926 TV-I've Got A Secret, Steve Allen Comedy Hour
9/27 Greg Morris 1934 TV-Mission Impossible (Barney Collier), Vega$ (Lt. David Nelson)
9/27 Arthur Penn 1922 Director-Miracle Worker, Bonnie & Clyde, Alice's Restaurant, Little
9/27 Charles Percy 1919 Senator-Ill.
9/27 Sada Thompson 1929 B-Dsm;TV-Family Series Tony Award
9/27 Cheryl Tiegs 1947 B-Mn, Model

9/28 Brigitte Bardot 1934 F-And God Created Woman, Girl In Bikini+
9/28 Al Capp 1909
9/28 Jerry Clower 1926 Country Music Comic; TV-Nashville On The Road (1975-81)
9/28 Confucius -551 Dead-Philospher
9/28 Peter Finch 1916 Died-1977; British Best Actor For-A Town Like Alice/Trials Of Oscar
9/28 Marcello Mastroianni 1923 F-8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, +
9/28 Michael Somers 1917
9/28 Arnold Stang 1925 F-The Man With The Golden Arm, Mad Mad World, Hello Down There!+
9/28 Ed Sullivan 1902 Died-1974; TV-Toast Of The Town.
9/28 William Windom 1923 TV-Farmer's Daughter,My World+

9/29 Gene Autry 1907 "82 Westerns, Wrote 250 Songs ""Here Comes Santa Claus"" Calif Angels Bb"
9/29 Tommy Boyce 1944 "Songwriter-""Come A Little Bit Closer"", ""Peaches & Creame"" And Much Of"
9/29 Virginia Bruce 1910 B-Minneapolis; F-Strangers When We Meet, Istanbul, Safety In Numbers+
9/29 Donna Corcoran 1943 F-(Started At 7/Ended At 11);F-Dangerous When Wet,Moonfleet
9/29 Anita Ekberg 1931 B-Sweden; F-War & Peace, La Dolce Vita, +
9/29 Steve Forrest 1924 "TV-S.W.A.T (Star-Lt. Dan Harrelson-""Hondo""); F-North Dallas 40, Wild Country+"
9/29 Greer Garson 1908 Nom. Oscar-Goodby Mr Chips, Blossoms In The Dust,Sunrise At Campobello
9/29 Bryant Gumble 1948 TV-Today Show, Sports Star
9/29 Trevor Howard 1916 F-Ryan's Daughter, Nom. Oscar-Sons & Lovers,
9/29 Madeline Kahn 1942 Nom. Oscars-Paper Moon/Blazing Saddles; F-What's Up Doc, High Anxiety+
9/29 Jerry Lee Lewis 1935 "Singer-""Great Balls Of Fire"", ""Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On""
9/29 Brenda Marshall 1915 Born-Philippines; Starred W/ Errol Flynn In The Sea Hawk; Divorced
9/29 Lizabeth Scott 1922 F-Easy Living, Loving You+

9/30 Deborah Allen 1953 "Singer/Songwriter ""Baby I Lied"" '83"
9/30 Kenny Baker 1912 Died '85; Singer-Jack Benny Radio Show, F-Silver Skates+
9/30 Truman Capote 1924 Died-1984; Writer-Breakfast At Tiffany's, In Cold Blood
9/30 Len Cariou 1939 B-Canada
9/30 Ben Cooper 1932 F-Suppor Your Local Gunfighter, eternal Sea++Westerns+
9/30 Jill Corey 1935 "Singer-""I Love My Baby""+"
9/30 Angie Dickinson 1932 B-N.Dak.;TV-Police Woman,X/H-Burt Bacharach; Rio Bravo, Big Bad Mama+
9/30 Deborah Kerr [Car] 1921 Nom. For 6 Oscars-Edward My Son, From Here To eternity, King & I,
9/30 Johnny Mathis 1935 "Singer-""Chances Are"", ""Misty"", ""Too Much, Too Little, Too Late""
9/30 Marilyn Mc Coo 1943 Lead Singer-5th Dimension,TV-Marilyn Mccoo & Billy Davis Jr Show ('77),
9/30 Anne Nagel 1912 "Died-1966; Known For Madame Gorgeous In W.C. Field's ""Never Give A"
9/30 Jody Powell 1943 Politician-Carter's Aide
9/30 Barry Williams 1954



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